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The Earldom of Feyidor is home to villages Vew, Sabden, and Has. These are the villages closest to Frandor’s keep. The “capital” of this area is not that much farther. The city-state of P’Bapar of the Young Kingdoms.

Some of you are “escorting” a painter, some are hired for merchant caravan guards, the rest just happened to be coming through at the same time; all destined for the same end location.

Frandor’s Keep.

For many a ten-year, hunters have found a passable living in the Krond Heights around the keep. Both the regular hunters and those of the bounty kind. Though the area is not teeming with prey, it’s placement here in Hell’s Throat lends it to being a funnel of all kinds of malicious denizens attempting to bite back at the encroachment of the civilized lands.

Join our (wannabe)heroes:

Cyrdan Dogsoup Kan’Thul
Luddrack and Lunywellyn Tyl

as they traverse the lands of Kalamar in search of fame, treasure, honor(maybe), and survival!

Main Page

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