Life is hard. Injuries leave scars upon the planet, the kingdoms, the people. Fight for your individuality, your place, your exsistance. You are not a peasant, a tradesman, anyone important….


Fight hard enough, long enough, lucky enough; you can be someone, be important, be a legend.

The Rise of Heroes

This game is a PbP using OP’s own forums as the “table.”

This game is utilizing the new edition of HackMaster by KenzerCo. After winning a lawsuit against WotC in the early 2000s for copyright infringement, KenzerCo was awarded full use of 2nd edition d&d with the stipulation that they made it over the top and approved by WotC as being so. To tweak the powers that be a bit, they also called it 4th Edition, to “one up” WotCs own 3rd Edition d&d that was just being released. This lead many to believe it was only a joke game. They missed out on a truly rock solid game that not only benefited from years of TSRs work, but from years of thousands of peoples home-brewed rules systems.
The court ordered licensing ran out after a number of years and of course WotC wasn’t going to renew, so development started on a new, built from the ground up, set of rules to be the new HackMaster. A full history can be found here.

Hackmaster is Old school feel, new school rules. You want gritty; you want to feel like you earned your place; you want a world(and rules) that makes more sense than “a wizard did it?” That’s Hackmaster!

As a gentleman who goes by the name Mark Hall has said,

It isn’t realism, it’s verisimilitude; the appearance of truth within the framework of the game.

As of this date, a free basic, basic+ rule books are released in addition to a full Hacklopedia of Beasts and full Players Hand Book. All of which are also available in PDF.

The Masters of Hack

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