• Dogsoup


    Chaotic Good Halfling Fighter. Eats dogs. Anointed follower of the Free (Relivik)
  • Kan'Thul


    Sil-Karg Assassin. TN.
  • Luddrack


    Despite racial stereotypes Lud is a very nice chap- Calm, even tempered, and caring- but he longs for one thing.... true love. :) >:O AND HE WILL RAPE AS MANY PEOPLE AS HE HAS TO UNTIL HE FINDS IT!!! >:)
  • Lunywellyn Tyl

    Lunywellyn Tyl

    My friends call me Lyn, and I'm a sword-happy priest of the Liberator. Not big on rules; I'd rather attempt to charm my way out of trouble. When that fails, though, I've got my trusty longsword handy.
  • Pinica Tenrewel

    Pinica Tenrewel

    Pinica is a bright-eyed explorer - a huntress transfixed by the wild beauty of nature. She's eager to help anyone, anywhere she thinks she can, even if they don't need (or want) her interference.