Lunywellyn Tyl

My friends call me Lyn, and I'm a sword-happy priest of the Liberator. Not big on rules; I'd rather attempt to charm my way out of trouble. When that fails, though, I've got my trusty longsword handy.


Female Human Fhokki Cleric of the Free
21 Years of Age; 5 feet 6 inches tall; 127 lbs; Blonde Hair; Sky-Blue Eyes; Right-handed.

Stat Block

Stat Score Effects
Str 11.01 Dmg Mod 0 Feat +0 Lift 205 Carry 12/24/48/72 Drag 513
Int 12.05 Atk Mod 1
Wis 12.11 Init +1 Def Mod +1 Mental Save +0
Dex 12.62 Init +1 Atk Mod +1 Def Mod +1 Dodge Save +0 Feat +2
Con 14.55 Physical Save +1
Lks 10.01 Cha Mod 0
Cha 16.55 Turn Mod +6 Morale +3 Max Proteges 4
Hon 15 Average

HP: 31 Last Roll: 9
TOP: 11
Trauma Save: < 7
Fatigue Factor: -3
Initiative: +2

Current Wounds: - - - - - - - -

Combat Block

Melee Attack Damage Shield Dmg. Defense Speed (Jab) Reach
Longsword + Shield +3 2d8p d8p +5 9 (7) 3.5’
Short Sword + Shield +2 2d6p lower of 2d6p +5 8 (7) 2’
Dagger +2 2d4p +7 7 (5) 1’
Ranged Attack Damage RoF Shield Dmg. d20p d20p-4 d20p-6 d20p-8 Load Crank Recovery
Javelin +2 d12p 7s 1 5-30 31-50 51-70 71-100 +0 +0 +1
Armor Dmg. Red. Dmg. Adj. Ini. Mod. Speed Mod. Move Red. Type Weight
Studded Leather +3 -3 +1 +0 none medium 20 lbs.

Talent Block

Fast Healer (hps heal one day faster than usual)
Tough Hide (each wound lessened by 1 hp)

Quirks & Flaws Block

Superstitious (tips beggars)
Animal Antipathy (bears)

Proficiency Block

Weapon Proficiencies

Proficiency Attack Damage Speed Parry
Longsword +1 +0 +1 +0
Short Sword +0 +0 +0 +0
Dagger +0 +0 +0 +0
Javelin +0 +0 +0

Armor Proficiencies

Heavy Armor
Shield Skill

Other Proficiencies


Skill Block

Skill Stat % Skill Stat %
Acting LC Animal Husbandry W
Animal Mimicry W
Animal Training IW 21% Appraise: Armor & Weaponry I
Boating W 12% Botany I 23%
Cartography I 22% Climbing SD 11%
Cooking/Baking IW 34% Current Affairs W 12%
Diplomacy C 29% Direction Sense W
Divine Lore W 25% Disguise IC 12%
Distraction C 28%
Escape Artist ID 12% Fire Building W 12%
First Aid W 28% Glean Info IWC 12%
Hiding ID 12% Interrogation WC
Intimidation SC Jumping S 35%
Lang: Merchants I 21% Law I
Listening W 12% Lit: Merchants I 19%
Lock Picking ID
Observation W 12% Oration C 16%
Persuasion C 44% Pick Pocket D
Read Lips I Recruiting C 16%
Religion (The Face of the Free) W 23%
Resist Per. W 12% Rope Use D 12%
Salesmanship IWC Scrutiny W
Seduction LC Skilled Liar C 16%
Sneaking D 12% Survival WC 21%
Swimming SC 30%
Torture I spacergo! Tracking W

Skill Block Addendum

Skills marked in blue are universal skills, which when used without training receive the lowest of the listed relevant abilities as a bonus. Opposed checks are made by rolling a d100 and adding the relevant skill. Roll modifiers for difficulty are: Trivial -90, Easy -80, Average -40, Difficult +0, Very Difficult +10
Mastery Levels & Dice
0% Unskilled d12p 51-75% Advanced d6p
1-25% Novice d12p 76-87% Expert d4p
26-50% Average d8p 88-100% Master d3p

Equipment Block

Container Capacity/Contents Item Weight Full container Weight
Sword Scabbard 1 Sword .5 3.5
Longsword 3
Knife Sheath 1 Dagger .5 1.5
Dagger 2.5
Javelin Quiver 4 Javelins 2 6
Javelins (2) 4
Medium Shield Medium Shield 14 14
Knapsack 30 Lbs 2 16.75
Torches (6) 5
Mess Kit 6
Wool Blanket 1
Ax-hammer 1 1
Flint And Steel .5
Peppered Sausage (1 meal) 1
Rock Salt .25
Tinderbox 1
Spike, Iron (3) .5
Whetstone 1
Grappling Hook 4
Wineskin 2 Quarts 1 1
Rope (Hemp) 25’ 5 5
*Total Weight of Containers: 47.75 Lbs*
Clothing Weight
Woolen Cloak 1
Wool Shirt .2
Wool Trousers .75
Linen Undershirt .2
Leather Belt .2
Leather Boots 2
Common Divine Icon
*Total Weight of Clothing: 4.35 Lbs*
Overall Encumbrance: 52.1 Lbs
Minus Knapsack: 35.35 Lbs

Family Dynamics


Mother (Ill-Equipped) – Deceased
Father (Ill-Equipped) – Alive
No Step-parents.

Birth Order and Siblings (Current Relationship):
Brother (deceased)
Sister (deceased)
Brother (natural)


My parents were farmers living on a small plot of land outside of a village, who became enslaved by the stereotypical evil baron and forced to live as serfs for “protection” from his lackeys. As a teenage female servant (and merely low average in the looks department), I was forced to cook, clean, and tend the wounds of the baron’s troops. My friendly disposition ingratiated me with the head servants, thankfully, and they watched out for me as I served in the fortress.

After about 18 months of involuntary servitude, a group of adventurers (led by two Clerics of the Free) showed up in the area and helped lead a rebellion against the baron and his forces. Though the battle that followed was ultimately won by the baron’s superior troops’ training and gear, it turned out to be a Pyrrhic victory as the baron never recovered from his losing his mirage of invincibility. He was challenged by subordinates, and subsequently fell into obscurity.

Unfortunately, even though a few villages fought against the baron, my village took the brunt of damage. Three quarters of the villagers were killed in the battle or aftermath, including my mother and oldest sibling. Half of the adventuring party was also or severely wounded. As my father and I attempted to tend to the wounds of one of the Clerics, the Cleric charged us to not let his inevitable impending death be in vain (so dramatic!) Before passing, the Cleric bequeathed his longsword to my father (maybe so the party rogue wouldn’t get it? Who knows?)

Determined to carry out the Cleric’s dying wish, my father determined to send my younger brother to the nearest Temple of the Liberator. However, being only a child of ten (and understandably upset by the death of our mother and other brother), he was too afraid to go. So, I accepted the challenge. Or I tried to, anyway. My father steadfastly refused to let his only surviving daughter (a sister died of an illness in childhood) out of his sight. Nonetheless, I was still determined to go, so I sought the help of the surviving Cleric of the Free and his companions. They agreed to accompany me to the nearest Temple of Lokker, and I then managed to sneak aboard one of their carts without my father noticing. Before leaving, I also took the longsword and vowed to learn how to put it to good use.

As an acolyte of the Free, I participated in training missions to free those in bondage. During one of those missions, I became acquainted with a Halfling fighter known colloquially as “Dogsoup” (due to his affinity for dog meat.) As an anointed follower of the Liberator, Dogsoup soon proved himself a capable and trustworthy companion. During a particularly grueling mission, Dogsoup and I liberated a small group of Sil-Karg from a slave caravan. While we had no innate love for the Sil-Karg, no humanoid or demi-human deserves to be in bondage.

Upon graduating from our training, Dogsoup and I were tasked with going out into the world and spreading the message of freedom. As luck would have it (or is it fate?), one of the Sil-Karg we rescued long ago happened to be traveling the same road. This Sil-Karg warrior, known as Luddrack, recognized us and expressed an interest in joining us on our quest. Though Luddrack’s motivations were unclear, Dogsoup and I decided it would be wise to have another sword-arm.

Since then, the three of us have built camaraderie as we seek new adventures!

Lunywellyn Tyl

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