Sil-Karg Assassin. TN.


Sil-Karg Assassin Level 1
Age: 27, Height: 6’ 2", Weight: 194.7 Lbs. Left Handed.

Stat Block

Stat Score Effects
Str 15.76 Dmg Mod +3 Feat +8 Lift 267 Carry 25/50/99/149 Drag 668
Int 12.29 Atk Mod +1
Wis 15.14 Init +0 Def Mod +2 Mental Save +2
Dex 12.04 Init +1 Atk Mod +1 Def Mod +1 Dodge Save +0 Feat +1
Con 14.01 Physical Save +1
Lks 6.53 Cha Mod -2 Fame +1
Cha 11.16 Turn Mod +1 Morale +1 Max Proteges 3
Hon 11 Average One free +1 per session

HP: 34 Last Roll: 5
TOP: 13
Trauma Save: 7
Fatigue Factor: -3
Initiative: +0

Current Wounds: - - - - - - - -

Combat Block

Melee Attack Damage Shield Dmg. Defense Speed (Jab) Reach
Dagger +3 2d4p+3 +3 8 ((5) 1’
Battle Axe +2 4d3p+3 3d3p+3 +3 12 3’
Ranged Attack Damage RoF d20p d20p-4 d20p-6 d20p-8
Throwing Axe +2 d4p+d6p 7 5-20 21-30 31-40 41-60
Armor DR DA Init Mod Speed Mod Move Reduc Type Weight
Leather Armor +2 -2 0 0 None Light 15 Lbs

Talent Block

Fast Healer
Pain Tolerant
Tough Hide

Quirks & Flaws Block

Superstitious (Lucky Number 13)
Nagging Conscience

Proficiency Block

Proficiency Attack Damage Speed Parry
Dagger +1 +0 +0 +0
Battle Axe +0 +0 +0 +0
Throwing Axe +0 +0 +0 +0
Flail +0 +0 +0 +0
Short Spear +0 +0 +0 +0

Skill Block

  • Acting (Novice) 17%
  • Animal Husbandry (Unskilled) 15%
  • Animal Mimicry (Unskilled) 15%
  • Boating (Unskilled) 15%
  • Climbing/Rappelling (Unskilled) 12%
  • Current Affairs (Average) 39%
  • Diplomacy (Unskilled) 11%
  • Disguise (Average) 44%
  • Distraction (Unskilled) 11%
  • Escape Artist (Unskilled) 12%
  • Fire Building (Unskilled) 15%
  • Glean Information (Average) 36%
  • Hiding (Novice) 24%
  • Interrogation (Average) 27%
  • Intimidation (Average) 29%
  • Jumping (Unskilled) 15%
  • Language Kalamaran (P’Baparan Dialect) (Expert) 82%
  • Language Merchant tongue (Advanced) 52%
  • Law (Unskilled) 12%
  • Listening (Advanced) 53%
  • Literacy Kalamaran (Novice) 24%
  • Observation (Average) 49%
  • Oration (Unskilled) 11%
  • Persuasion (Unskilled) 11%
  • Pick Pocket (Unskilled) 12%
  • Reading Lips (Unskilled) 12%
  • Recruiting (Unskilled) 11%
  • Resist Persuasion (Unskilled) 15%
  • Use Rope (Unskilled) 12%
  • Salesmanship (Unskilled) 11%
  • Scrutiny (Unskilled) 15%
  • Seduction, Art of (Unskilled) 6%
  • Skilled Liar (Unskilled) 11%
  • Sneaking (Unskilled) 12%
  • Survival (Unskilled) 14%
  • Torture(Unskilled) 15%
  • Tracking (Unskilled) 15%

Equipment Block

Container Capacity/Contents Item Weight Full container Weight
Knife Sheath 1 Dagger .5 1.5
Dagger 1
Battle Axe 3.5
Throwing Axe (2) 4
Knapsack 30 Lbs 2 22.5
Torches (6) 5
Wool Blanket 1
Flint And Steel .5
Rations, Trail (3 Days) 11
Tinderbox 1
Whetstone 1
Wineskin 2 Quarts 1 1
Small Belt Pouch 4 Lbs .5 .5
Small Belt Pouch 4 Lbs .5 .5
*Total Weight of Containers: 32.5 Lbs*
Clothing Weight
Woolen Cloak 3
Wool Tunic 1
Wool Trousers 2
Linen Undershirt .5
Leather Belt .5
Leather Boots 2
Leather Armor 15
Medium Shield 14
*Total Weight of Clothing: 38 Lbs*
Overall Encumbrance: 70.5 Lbs
Minus Knapsack: 48 Lbs

Human Raised
Illegitimate (result of “vigorous cuddling”)
Mother deceased (ill-equipped)
Father figure Loving
3 Siblings, 1 older brother, 1 older sister, 1 younger brother, Very Close to older 2, Natural to younger (prior to him becoming deceased)

Kan’Thul did not get off to a very good start in life. A band of hobgoblins attacked his parents village, murdered his mothers husband, and had some “happy fun-time” with his mother (though she certainly did not consider it happy or fun). Still, despite this his mother did her best to love him and raise him right, as did his step-father when she remarried. Even his two older siblings did their best to be nice to him, and he became very close to them. When his mother remarried, his new younger step-brother was leery of him at first, but eventually came to like him.

Unfortunately, it was not to last. One day, he was traveling with his mother and younger brother, when they were set upon by bandits. Though he tried to fight them off, the bandits overpowered him with ease (he was only 12 after all). They murdered his mother and brother before his eyes, then one of the bandits went to town and claimed he had witnessed Kan’thul murder his own parents. Since this guy was not known as a bandit, the villagers checked it out, and found Kan’Thul still with the bodies. Since they all thought he was an evil beast, and his parents crazy for keeping him in the first place, the villagers were all too willing to believe that he had commit the crime, even after his step-father and remaining siblings claimed that he would never have done such a thing. When it became obvious that the villagers would not listen, Kan’Thul’s family helped him escape. He fled to the city, where he lived on his own for several years.

During this time, he was forced to learn to rely on himself. Growing up on the streets, he learned the value of strength, and came to the conclusion that if you were not strong enough to survive by your own power, you did not deserve to survive at all. He also decided that had he been stronger, he might have been able to save his family. He devoted himself to continually becoming stronger. Eventually, he was discovered by an assassin of the Closed Fist, who offered him the chance to become strong. He accepted, and began training. This training morphed him into a skilled assassin, and morphed his philosophy to the Way of the Closed Fist.

The Way of the Closed Fist, though often construed as evil, is not inherently so he learned. It emphasizes strength and self-reliance, in yourself and in others. For this reason, he chose to conduct assassinations by more direct means than many other assassins. He chose the direct approach, fighting with a sword and shield. If his opponent was strong enough to slay him, they deserved to survive and he did not. He trained for many years in the arts of combat, assassination, and in the philosophy of the Closed Fist. Eventually, when he was 25, he was turned loose as an assassin for hire. The Way of the Closed Fist only rarely sends their assassins on sanctioned jobs, preferring to allow them to make their own way, and only call them back for a major job. These last 2 years he has performed many assassinations, and he has sought to teach the people he comes across about strength. In one case, he saw a man set upon by a thug in an alleyway. The man attempted to fight back, and Kan’Thul just observed, to see if the man was strong enough to survive. When several more thugs leaped from the shadows, however, he jumped in to help the man. When the man asked why he hadn’t intervened sooner, he replied that previously the man needed to test his own strength and rely on himself. However, when the additional men jumped the man, he was clearly over-matched and it was no long a valid test of strength. That, in Kan’Thul’s mind, is the epitome of the Way of the Closed Fist.

Kan’Thul has begun traveling about in order to find more contracts. But no matter where he goes, he searches for the bandits who murdered his family. And someday he plans to revisit the village that forced him to leave his home. If they think he’s a monster, fine. We’ll see how they like his new-found skills…


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