Chaotic Good Halfling Fighter. Eats dogs. Anointed follower of the Free (Relivik)


Halfling Fighter Level 1
Age: 36, Height: 3’ 8", Weight: 85 Lbs. Right Handed.
XP: 126

Stat Block

Stat Score Effects
Str 8.40 Dmg Mod -1 Feat -3 Lift 166 Carry 10/20/39/59 Drag 415
Int 16.68 Atk Mod +2
Wis 15.04 Init +0 Def Mod +2 Mental Save +2
Dex 16.10 Init -2 Atk Mod +3 Def Mod +4 Dodge Save +2 Feat +9
Con 12.04 Physical Save +0
Lks 14.05 Cha Mod +1 Fame +1
Cha 9.12 Turn Mod -1 Morale -1 Max Proteges 2
Hon 14 Average One free +1 per session

HP: 21 Last Roll: 4
TOP: 7
Trauma Save: 6
Fatigue Factor: -6
Initiative: -2 (+1 Die Size Decrease)

Current Wounds: - - - - - - - -

Combat Block

Melee Attack Damage Shield Dmg. Defense Speed (Jab) Reach
Sabre +5 1d6p+1d8p-1 1d6p-1 +13 8 2’
Dagger +5 2d4p-1 +7 7 (5) 0’
2 Daggers +5 2d4p-1 +11 7 (5) 0’
Ranged Attack Damage RoF d20p d20p-4 d20p-6 d20p-8 Load Spin Recovery
Sling +5 d4p+d6p 10 5-40 41-80 81-120 121-160 2 2 2

Talent Block

Tough as Nails (Trauma checks are rolled on a d12)
Swiftblade (Sabre)
Parry Bonus (Sabre)
Dodge (+1 Defense, can add Dex bonus against missile attacks)

Quirks & Flaws Block

Fear of Heights
Animal Antipathy (Dogs)

Proficiency Block

Proficiency Attack Damage Speed Parry
Sabre +0 +0 +1 +1
Dagger +0 +0 +0 +0
Sling +0 +0 +0 +0

Skill Block

Skill Stat % Skill Stat %
Acting LC Animal Husbandry: W
Anml Mimicry W Appraise: Armor & Weaponry I 26%
Boating W Botany I 55%
Cartography I 30% Climbing SD
Cooking/Baking IW 56% Current Affairs W
Diplomacy C Direction Sense W 46%
Disguise IC Distraction C
Escape Artist ID Fire Building W 27%
First Aid W 34% Glean Info IWC
Hiding ID 29% Interrogation WC
Intimidation SC Jumping S
Lang: P’Baparan I 76% Law I
Listening W 15% Lit: P’Baparan I 27%
Observation W 15% Oration C
Persuasion C Pick Pocket D
Read Lips I Recruiting C
Resist Per. W Rope Use D
Salesmanship IWC Scrutiny W
Seduction LC Skilled Liar C
Sneaking D 24% Survival WC
Torture I spacergo! Tracking W

Skill Block Addendum

Skills marked in blue are universal skills, which when used without training receive the lowest of the listed relevant abilities as a bonus. Opposed checks are made by rolling a d100 and adding the relevant skill. Roll modifiers for difficulty are: Trivial -90, Easy -80, Average -40, Difficult +0, Very Difficult +10
Mastery Levels & Dice
0% Unskilled d12p 51-75% Advanced d6p
1-25% Novice d12p 76-87% Expert d4p
26-50% Average d8p 88-100% Master d3p

Equipment Block

Container Capacity/Contents Item Weight Full container Weight
Knife Sheath 1 Dagger .5 1.5
Dagger 1
Knife Sheath 1 Dagger .5 1.5
Dagger 1
Sword Hanger 1 Sword .5 3
Sabre 2.5
Small Belt Pouch 4 Lbs .5 1
Slingstones(10) .5
Silver Coins (8)
Copper Coins (7)
Knapsack 30 Lbs 2 21.5
Torches (6) 5
Mess Kit 6
Wool Blanket 1
Flint And Steel .5
Preserves, Fruit (3 days) 3
Peppered Sausage (1 meal) 1
Rock Salt .25
Ink (1 oz)
Tinderbox 1
Whetstone 1
– Leather Map Case 5 Documents .5 .75
– Papyrus (5 Sheets)
– Quill Pen .25
Wineskin 2 Quarts 1 1
*Total Weight of Containers: 28.5 Lbs*
Clothing Weight
Woolen Cloak 1
Wool Shirt .2
Wool Trousers .75
Linen Undershirt .2
Common Divine Icon
Leather Belt .2
– Sling .25
*Total Weight of Clothing: 2.6 Lbs*
Overall Encumbrance: 31.1 Lbs
Minus Knapsack: 9.6 Lbs

Dogsoup(Sulat Remel by his given name, but rarely is it given) can be a bit of an airhead, but he is a fiercely loyal friend, and just as fiercely devoted to the cause of freedom. He is an anointed follower of Relivik, and has worked closely with the temple of that god on slave rescue missions during his training. On one such mission, he happened to strike up a friendship with a young human woman, an acolyte of The Free (Jeff). Together they rescued a small group of Sil-Karg from a slave caravan. A few years later, now finished with their training, the two set out together on the path of adventure. Strangely enough, by coincidence they almost immediately bumped into one of the Sil-karg they had rescued (Luddrack), now a warrior in his own right. Perhaps he was impressed by their cause or their faith when they rescued him, or perhaps he was just happy to meet a friendly face in this rather unfriendly world. Either way, he expressed some interest in joining the newly formed adventuring band.

Dogsoup’s nickname comes quite naturally from his tendency towards cooking and eating dogs. Now mind you, he didn’t just wake up one morning and say, “Hey that puppy looks tasty, lemme just start the oven.” This is the result of being barked at, harassed, chased, and also bitten by dogs on a fairly regular basis for his entire life. His natural pheremones are like an awful superpower. He has never seen a friendly dog, and is completely baffled as to why/how people keep the awful beasties around. So with the combined ingenuity of someone who regularly forgets his food/money at home, and someone who hates to waste good food, and someone who regularly finds himself in possession of fresh dog meat, the started cooking and eating any dog dumb enough to attack him. He enjoys the poetic justice of biting them back.
This background is not set yet

Circumstances of Birth: Legitimate
Mother: Dead
Father: Living, Re-married, Ill-equipped
Step-Mother: Ill-equipped
5 Siblings, Birth Order:
Sister: Argumentative
Sister: Natural
Brother: Argumentative
Sister: Dead
Sister: Natural


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