History of the Earldom of Feyidor

The Young Kingdoms – P’Bapar – The Krond Heights
The Earldom of Reyifor – Frandor’s Keep

Nestled on the east side of the Krond Heights, Frandor’s Keep stands guard in Hell’s Throat against the Orkin Hordes. It stands on a lonely little island atop a 250’ high waterfall at roughly 4500’ above sea level.

A 1 day ride by fast horse or up to a week of caravan speed travel from the nearest village of Vew, the keep is an outpost on the fringe of civilization. The current year is Imperial Reckoning(IR) – 563. The Keep has stood for nearly 70 years on an island on the river Tanara. After the Kingdom of Cosdol was mounted an effort against the orcs on the western side of the mountains and the Elves harrying them from Lendelwoood in IR461, the orcs found a gorge along the Tanara River which led them right into the fresh meat area of the P’Bapar city-state nation.

In IR484, a group of orcs damned up the river and took the island and keep for a week or so, before reinforcements from Vew retook the keep at great cost though the cost to the orcs was the higher. The keep was completed in IR490.

Over the next many years, peace took hold in the area as the local hostiles were hunted down for bounty. This peaked in IR533. After which, the keep was taken to just barely operational over the years and the local started to petition it’s closing and tax burden removed.
Just 8 years ago, in IR555, a few people changed their minds. They were the survivors.

A unified Northern Orc League split it’s forces all under Ahk’Tang’s command, swept suddenly out of the mountains. One force hit and took Frandor’s Keep while the other half razed the village of Vew in the dead of night. The village of Sabden and then Has firmly in their vision.
The force at the Keep split again after gutting the keep, killing every living thing and burning out the entire place. One group to go and coordinate with the forces in Vew, the other to run ahead to Has down the Old Has Road.

And nothing.

Weeks later, the Baparan troops finally showed up finding Sabden a gutted village of burnt building and people….and wholly untouched orc dead. Scouts found a trail of orc bodies leading back northward into Vew and from there, up Borderland Road to the keep.
Scouts were also sent to west/southwest to Has. The villagers there seemed rather concerned of the sudden appearance of dead orcs on the old road.

An organized force of troops was sent into the Krond Heights to reclaim Frandor’s Keep and bury and burn the dead. Further investigation yielded the results that some merchants had gone to the keep suffering from a case of “withering shingles.” Very unpleasant to humans. Deadly to orcs.

General Golimel Ganitak is now commander of Frandor’s Keep(and not very happy about it-he was retired). He reinforced walls, raised tower heights, and rigorously patrolled the woods and mountains. Vew and Sabden were both rebuilt with wooden palisades.

Today, the melancholy of a decade ago is already reasserted itself, though the keep has yet to suffer for it.

History of the Earldom of Feyidor

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